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Simply send us an email and mention as many details as possible (date(s) of services, start/end location, program, timings, number of persons). You will receive a quote within 24 hours (during working days).

We offer a ‘flex-change’ policy, which means that you can easily request changes to your upcoming services. However, this is always based on the actual coach availability.

Yes, you will receive a final overview of your services one to two days in advance, this overview also includes the driver information (name + phone number).

Yes, you will always receive an emergency phone number that will be reachable 24/7.

Yes, in case you are travelling to cities in the Netherlands. If your journey goes to temporary events (festivals and/or other events like Formula 1), parking costs are not included unless discussed otherwise.

Before you start your journey, we will ask you whether you would like to share a group name or logo with us. We will make sure that the driver places this sign behind the front screen of the bus.

This depends. Our clients can arrange a room for the driver (single room, full board) or we can arrange a room for the driver. In case of CHA arranging the overnights, we will include the extra charge in your quotation.

Yes, as we are part of a bigger travel group we can also assist you with services such as guides, hotel reservations, canal cruises, entrances, restaurant bookings and many more. Easily contact us for more information.

Conditions & payments

In the unlikely event that you want to cancel, we follow our terms and conditions (see link).

We require a full pre-payment by bank transfer. You can always find our payment details in our offers and invoices.

Yes, you are insured during your coach ride, this is even required by law. This insurance is valid while you are on board of the coach. As soon as you have stepped outside of the coach, this insurance is no longer applicable. So, please make sure you also have an event -or holiday insurance that covers accidents during your trip.

We accept bank transfers and credit card payments. Keep in mind that for credit cards payments a small surcharge applies.

Vehicles & safety

We provide a range of coaches from mini vans (up to 8 people) to double deck coaches (till 90 persons).

You can choose between a fleet of coaches that all have modern facilities like AC systems, reclinable seats, a toilet, an audio system (incl. microphone), and a fridge. For longer multi-country journeys, we can also offer coaches with extra legroom (optional).

A bus describes a scheduled service bus or a public transport bus, without any facilities. A coach, however, is a more luxurious bus with comfortable, adjustable seats, a toilet, a DVD player and optionally bar facilities and air conditioning. At CHA, we only offer coaches as we focus on high quality journeys and services.

Yes, each coach has seatbelts, and it is obligated to use them during your journey.

In coaches from 30+ seats there always is a toilet available. If you have a mini coach (up to 28 seats) there will not be a toilet.

Not all our coaches have standard Wi-Fi. If this is important to you during your journey: Please include this information in your request and we can try to select a coach with Wi-Fi (this is not guaranteed).

This depends on the selected coach. Generally, there is always space for luggage (if not excessive or multi-units per person).  If you have big luggage demands, we can also add an additional luggage trailer.

Yes, but no glass items as this is considered a security risk for you and other passengers.

Yes, we can easily provide bottles of water and other types of catering: Just ask our team for the options.

Yes, many of our coaches come with a USB connection for chargers. However, this is not a standard guarantee. If this is something you require, please mention it in your request.            

No, you are not obligated to tip the driver. Of course, if you are happy with the driver’s services, it is highly appreciated.

In the EU there are regulation about the maximum time drivers are allowed to ride. Keep in mind that during long journeys, the driver needs to rest 45 minutes per 4.5 hours drive. This break can be splitted into 15 and 30 minutes (but not the other way around). We will always notify you about any breaks (during your booking), so you can keep this in mind.

Despite you can travel ‘free’ within the Shengen area (Europe) every passenger needs to have an passport with them. For multi-country services we require receiving a passenger list for safety reasons.


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